Enviro Air Services = Long Term Relationships

Enviro Air Services has been serving the Birmingham and North Shelby heating and air conditioning market since 1992.  From our Homewood offices, Enviro Air has continued to build long term relationships.  Enviro Air strives daily to exceed our customers' expectations in many areas, but the following we refer to as our "Big 5":


  1. Communication - It all starts here with our being able to communicate daily with the most important people in the world - our customers.  We strive to understand your needs, problems or concerns and use our experience to help.
  2. Commitment - Enviro Air has committed itself to building long term relationships with home and business owners over the last 15 years.  It is a fact that many, many times we have developed a relationship with someone by caring for the HVAC system at their business and in return earned the trust that allows us to do the same at their home.
  3. Connection - Over the last 15 years Enviro Air has been able to connect with the finest people in the Birmingham market.  The connections we have with companies, suppliers, employees, and customers have allowed us to achieve the long-term relationships we enjoy today.
  4. Coordinate - Enviro Air is able to bring into play all the experience and resources we have put together over the last 15 years to coordinate a timely response to your comfort problems.  No one wants to be hot or cold, but all equipment can and will break down at some point.  Enviro Air strives to effectively coordinate these repairs or replacements when this time comes.
  5. Care - A simple word, easy to say.  Enviro Air does care.  Without care, long-term relationships are not possible.  They are built on this very simple word.  Enviro Air is large enough to serve your needs, but still small enough to care.






Enviro Air Services is a Trane Comfort Specialist™ Dealer

The Trane Comfort Specialist designation is not easy to come by. Dealers qualify for this honor on a yearly basis by meeting the Trane Company's stringent standards for professionalism and technological expertise. When it's time to purchase a heating and air conditioning system, you can put your comfort in the hands of Enviro Air Services, an Independent Trane Comfort Specialist dealer.





Whether you are building a new home or upgrading to a new, more efficient heating and cooling system for your present home, Trane has capacity, efficiency and price that will suit your needs.  Our systems include cooling, heating, air cleaners, thermostats and accessories.



Before the cooling or heating seasons it is a good idea to have your system checked out by one of our maintenance experts.  Small problems can become bigger problems as your system continues to run.  Just as your automobile needs regular maintenance, so does your air conditioning system.  You should clean or replace your air filters each month.



Should you require service on your current home comfort system, Enviro Air's skilled technicians have the know-how to diagnose, adjust or repair your system so that you are comfortable all year long.  For safety and warranty reasons, you should never attempt to service your unit yourself.